Emiliyan Enev – 2019 Speaker’s Showcase

Our next speaker is a well-known and renowned figure in the IT and blockchain world. He is with us for the second time after speaking at the pilot edition of the conference in 2018: Emilian Enev, CEO and Co-founder of ReCheck.

Asen Kovachev – 2019 Speaker’s Showcase

Our next guest barely needs an introduction. Asen Kovachev is joining LibertyBits for the second time after speaking at our pilot edition last year. Asen was one of the first who stepped in to support us from the very beginning for which we would like to thank him.

Simona Macellari – 2019 Speaker’s Showcase

It is time to introduce another charming lady – Simona Macellari, in her own words – a libertarian, Bitcoin maximalist and Cypherpunk enthusiast. She is currently Chief Operating Officer at BHB Network and at BlockchainLab GmbH.

Anton Gerunov – 2019 Speaker’s Showcase

We have got with us today Anton Gerunov who is both blockchain and privacy speaker and offers a very interesting approach to both topics and at LibertyBits2019 he will try to “measure the immeasurable by putting numbers on privacy risks”

Sevgin Mustafov – 2019 Speaker’s Showcase

Next in the spotlight is a young man with remarkable experience in blockchain technology and software engineering: Sevgin Mustafov, co-founder and CEO at GlobalizeIT, a company specializing in blockchain, fintech & web software solutions for start-ups and corporate clients. Sevgin is an entrepreneur, software engineer and blockchain developer with strong business development, management and communication…