Emiliyan Enev – 2019 Speaker’s Showcase

Our next speaker is a well-known and renowned figure in the IT and blockchain world. He is with us for the second time after speaking at the pilot edition of the conference in 2018: Emilian Enev, CEO and Co-founder of ReCheck.

Emiliyan Enev,

Emiliyan is entrepreneur and leader of the local startup ecosystem. As a regular speaker at blockchain and business events, he advocates the potential of emerging technologies to create new business models. He is in the boards of several organisations committed to supporting early-stage innovative companies. With ReCheck Emiliyan is determined to contribute to the practical application of the blockchain technology as a means of transparent environment for secure transactions.

This year he has prepared for us a presentation dedicated to “Making security and privacy hassle-free” where he will try to answer that tricky question which we all are asking ourselves: How can you bring underlying security and privacy in your IT products without damaging user experience?

Find out the latest news around Emiliyan in our interview below:

Who are you?

I am a digital entrepreneur and CEO of ReCheck. I have launched successfully several new projects in the last 5 years – a platform for mobile marketing, a co-working space and initiative for national hackathons. I have won the competition App Challenge 2.0, and the competition The Outstanding Young Persons of Bulgaria 2018, organized by JCI, board member of the Bulgarian Startup Association and regular speaker at blockchain events as well.

Why did you decide to join the speaker’s lineup of LibertyBits conference for the second time?

I like the format and the goals of the conference. Such events are essential for raising awareness about the importance of personal freedom and privacy in the era when these rights are abused on a regular basis. I had excellent impressions with the first edition of LibertyBits when I met really bright people with whom I shared common values.

Why is decentralization important to you?

The decentralization plays indisputable and indispensable role in the struggle to win back our autonomy as free human beings and to regain control over our data, digital identity and independent decision making.  There are no other alternatives to the current establishment of IT corporations that monopolize the extraction, storing and utilizing of our data.

How does the future society look like to you?

The future of society will be determined by the conscious choice we humans make each day. Choices like which online services we will use, how we will work together in collaborative environment, which values we will protect and how to use technology for the common good. As a blockchain advocate I believe in a concept called “collective intelligence” – a new protocol for human interactions where people will act in fair, transparent and efficient manner. The decentralized networks of the future will allow ownership of data, self-sovereign identity and seamless verifications of facts. New reputation systems and digital proofs will reward fair and responsible behavior. I hope that we will escape the “zero sum game” and “us versus them” mentality while learning how to create value together.

How much convenience are we ready to give up for having an independent life?

One of the reasons for the slow adoption of decentralized products is the below average user experience. The people are really spoiled with the latest technology advancement and they expect instant gratification, great interface, lightning performance and ease of use of the digital services. There is a huge momentum in these trends and there is no way around it. We live in dynamic environment being under constant pressure and stress. I expect that the user experience of decentralized products will constantly improve and in the next 2-3 years you won’t be able to recognize whether a service is on blockchain or not.

What would you say to people who don’t care about the risks of growing centralization and the impact of monopolies?

The companies and the people need to understand that there are significant underlying risks in being dependent on centralized platforms as a foundation for your business, online services or identity. At any given moment the centralized platforms can change their algorithms in order to increase profits – influencing negatively large groups or kicking them out of business. Each time we use the established social networks or cloud services we pay with our data, which is stored in the huge silos of the monopolists. Then we are packaged and sold as products. If you use for example LinkedIn you are not the owner of your profile, history or the relations with contact in your network. The platform can do anything with the content you stored on its servers – even suspend your account. The same applies for Gmail.

What are your expectations from the conference this year?

I expect interesting topics, meetings with smart speakers, challenging questions from the audience and fruitful discussions with like-minded people.

Thanks a lot, Emilyan! We appreciate your continuous support and commitment to our cause. It was really interesting for us to learn about the “collective intelligence” concept and your insights about decentralization and independence. We can’t wait to hear your presentation this year.

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