Martin Kuvandzhiev – 2019 Speaker’s Showcase

Martin Kuvandzhiev,
Co-founder of BitCoin Gold;
CEO of GoStartups & Assetify

Our next interview is with another great LibertyBits friend and supporter, Martin Kuvandzhiev, European entrepreneur with vast experience in Startups, Fintech and Blockchain. He becomes professionally engaged with Software Development at the age of 18 working for an American startup while studying in Technical University of Sofia. At the age of 19 becomes lead Firmware developer in the same company. In 2015 he and his team win NASA’s Space Apps Challenge with a project called Valkyrie they compete with more than 21000 of the best STEM professionals from all over the world. For this achievement he and his team got special invites to visit NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. In 2016 he starts working as iOS Development Lead in a Fintech startup in Europe and in 2017 he got engaged with Bitcoin Gold as he is one of the main contributors for the project in GitHub. He is one of the 6 Co-Founders of the project and one of the 5 Board members.

In 2018 he traveled more than 280 000 kilometers around the globe to educate people about blockchain technology and how to use cryptocurrency in the daily routine. He took part in the 1st edition of LibertyBits conference as well. Currently, Martin is CEO of two companies, GoStartups and Assetify, and leads more than 50 professionals on 6 different continents.  

In 2018 and 2019 over 50 projects were attacked by 51% attacks, alerts Martin. Bitcoin Gold and Ethereum Classic are one of them and the question how to protect PoW driven chain from 51% is still one of the unanswered questions. Bitcoin Gold are preparing to deliver a solution and if you want to know more, you are welcome to listen to his “How to protect our chain from 51% attacks” talk at #LibertyBits2019. 

In the meantime, you can check out what Martin has to share with us in our interview with him this year:

Hi Martin! Say a few words about you for those who don’t know you, please!

I am Martin Kuvandzhiev, Co-Founder and Board member of Bitcoin Gold.

Well, that was pretty straight forward! 🙂 Why did you decide to join the LibertyBits conference for а second time?

Because it is an interesting conference with amazing set of speakers. Also I love to be able to spread the word about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Why is decentralisation important to you?

Because in a decentralized world everyone is going to be able to express their vote. Decentralisation = Democracy.

How does the future society look like to you?

Good question. It is all about how the people will make it look like. I believe that technology and open systems are going to be few times more used in future. 

How much convenience are you ready to give up for having an independent life?

Everyone has an independent life even without losing any convenience. It is all about how hard you work and how much are you ready to achieve.

What would you say to people who don’t care about the risks of growing centralization and the impact of monopolies?

Well, soon enough there is going to be a breach in a really large centralized system, I am sure. Once it happens it will be obvious why decentralized systems are better for solving some of the biggest problems of the society.

What are your expectations from the conference this year?

To be amazing as it was in the last year.

Many thanks, Martin! Brief and laconic but valuable and meaningful. Your answers are straight to the point, as usual. Thank you for your continuous support. We highly appreciate it and look forward to welcome you again on our stage.

LibertyBits2019 is taking place on 25th June 2019 at Sofia Tech Park

Take the chance and reserve your seat A.S.A.P. for the second edition of LibertyBits Conference here:

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