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About The Conference

The Freedom & Tech Conference

Decentralization & Independence

How trustworthy is our actual perception of freedom in our digital age and in today's world? Are we aware about the possible misuse of all the data we leave everywhere and how bad it could affect our future? How could we live less dependent on governments, monopolies and corporate giants?

Our Speakers line-up in 2019's Edition

Our Blockchain, Privacy, Free Software and Independent Living advocates, who will get on the stage of LibertyBits' at the 2nd edition


Asen Kovachev

Founder of Automaton | A Decentralist & Blockchain Speaker

Emiliyan Enev

Co-Founder of ReCheck | Blockchain Advocate

Rositsa Uzunska

A Digital Nomad | An Independent Living Speaker

Martin Kuvandzhiev

Core developer @ Bitcoin Gold | Blockchain Speaker/Advocate

Milen Radkov

CEO of Hack.bg | Blockchain Speaker

Tito Titov

CEO & founder of WeiChain and a co-founder of WeiDex | Blockchain Speaker

Anton Gerunov

COO at LogSentinel | Blockchain & Privacy Speaker

Meglena Antonova

Energy Campaigner at Greenpeace | Independent Living Speaker

Dimiter Shalvardjiev

MD of CodeRunners | Privacy Advocate & Speaker

David Bonev

Co-founder & CFO of CURES & Co-founder of BoneX | Blockchain Speaker | Serial Entrepreneur

Jos Poortvliet

Head of Marketing @ NextCloud | Privacy Advocate and Speaker

Nedko Yankov

COO of Sferata123 (dome houses) | Independent Living Speaker

Galia Mancheva

Project Manager @ FSFE | Free Software Advocate & Speaker

Alex Sander

EU Public Policy Program Manager for the FSFE | Free Software Advocate & Speaker

Nikola Tchouparov

Co-founder & CEO of Moneyfold | Blockchain Speaker & Main Host 2018/2019

Svetoslav Stoykov

Co-founder of Institute for Circular Economy | An Independent Living Speaker

Tsvetomira Angelova

Unschooling Proponent & Traveler | An Independent Living Advocate

Simona Macellari

COO @ BHB Network & BlockchainLab GmbH | A Libertarian, Bitcoin Maximalist & Cypherpunk Enthusiast

Richard Stallman

President of The Free Software Foundation | Free Software Activist & Speaker

Luca De Giglio

Founder of Trips Community | Blockchain & Travel Expert | A Digital Nomad

Our Speakers in 2018

Our Blockchain, Privacy, Free Software and Off-Grid advocates, who took part in LibertyBits' very first edition (in alphabetical order)


Asen Kovachev

Founder of Automaton | A Decentralist & Blockchain Speaker

Bernd Fix

A Hacker Veteran & Privacy Activist

Blagovest Belev

Founder of Blockchain.bg | Blockchain Advocate & Investor

Boyan Benev

Co-Host of LibertyBits 2018

Elena Lalova

Off-Grid Speaker

Emiliyan Enev

Co-Founder of ReCheck | Blockchain Advocate

Evgeniya Gancheva

Founder of 1Legal.Net | Blockchain & Law Speaker

Hernâni Marques

Council Member p≡p foundation | Privacy Advocate & Activist

Ivan Vankov

Blockchain Architect

Klaus Herberth

Privacy Speaker & Developer

Liz Steininger

CEO/MD of Least Authority | Privacy Advocate & Activist

Martin Kuvandzhiev

Core developer @ Bitcoin Gold | Blockchain Speaker/Advocate

Nana Karlstetter

Privacy Speaker & Activist

Natalia Aleksandrova

Off-Grid Speaker

Nikola Tchouparov

Co-founder & CEO of Moneyfold | Blockchain Speaker & Main Host 2018/2019

Nikolay Chakinski

Product Development Manager @ Neterra | Blockchain Track

Patrick Stählin

Privacy Speaker | Member of Digital Society Switzerland
Radoslav Penchev_Propy_600x600

Radoslav Penchev

Product Owner at Propy | Blockchain Advocate

Richard Stallman

President of The Free Software Foundation | Free Software Activist & Speaker

Svetlin Nakov

Co-Founder of SoftUni | Blockchain Advocate & Developer

Vassil Kostov

Blockchain & Law Speaker

Vladislav Dramaliev

Blockchain Advocate & Speaker

Venue: TBD | Sofia, Bulgaria

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Some honest words from our Speakers

LibertyBits conference is a wonderful event that brings together individuals who care about protecting freedom in today's society. It is a great opportunity to exchange views, prospects and ideas with minds alike and to explore together how freedom is or is not a fundamental attribute of our life nowadays. Looking into new levels of decentralization of societies and communities in the future, I look forward to LibertyBits next edition.
A great event with a lot of diverse, bright minds. Do not miss it if you are interested in liberty and personal freedom!
Blockchain and decentralization have amazing future and the community around it grows constantly. I am happy that at LibertyBits I met most of the local blockchain community in face, which was really valuable in addition to the talks.
It was my first time attendance at the Libertybits conference, and I am very impressed with both, the professional organisation of the event, as well as the content of it. There were many interesting and diverse panels, which I found a valuable contribution to my personal and professional interests. I benefited with relevant new contacts and my overall experience as a speaker and as an attendee was fantastic. In that sense, I would definitely recommend it to anyone with interest in their liberties and tech.
LibertyBits is a great event at the convergence of several trends & technologies - blockchain, privacy, free&open software and the electricity infrastructure that powers it all. For me the most memorable moment was Richard Stallman's motto "We need free speech, not free beer!" I look forward to the next installment.
I am glad that I was part of this prominent catalyzing event that proved the growing awareness about the importance of personal freedom, privacy and utilizing the potential of new emerging technologies for doing good. Keep up the excellent work and looking forward to smashing new conference in 2019!
LibertyBits facilitates the social discourse on privacy in the digital universe. That’s a topic all of us need to focus on in order to build a stable and robust Industry 4.0.
I didn’t imagine technology, freedom and environmental protection would fit together so nicely before I was part of the LibertyBits conference. An inspiring and thought-provoking event that I hope you will have the chance to join too!
After many blockchain conferences focused on speculation, impossible use cases, and people trying to tame the beast to make it fit in last century business and social constructs, LibertyBits comes as fresh air. Finally a place where we could discuss the real, long term, implications and promises of this new technology.
Another great instalment of LiberytBits. Gained many insights about the life of a digital nomad, and how advancements in technology aid freedom and self-sufficiency both on the national level and on the personal level. Blockchain is clearly one of the important forces pushing us in the right direction.

Sofia Tech Park

111 Tsarigradsko shosse Blvd.
1784 Sofia, Bulgaria

20+ Speakers

Blockchain, Privacy, Free Software & Independent Living Advocates

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