Tito Titov – 2019 Speaker’s Showcase

Tito Titov, CEO & founder of WeiChain &
co-founder of WeiDex

The next fresh young face of LibertyBits 2019 is Tito Titov, CEO & founder of WeiChain and co-founder of the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange WeiDex. Tito is experienced Chief Executive Officer with demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry, skilled in web development and blockchain technology. With strong business development, communication and management skills, Tito is also a public speaker and blockchain enthusiast. Since beginning of 2017, he is actively reading, learning, coding and playing around in the “blockchainverse”. 

Let’s find out more about Tito in the lines below:

Hello Tito! Please introduce yourself briefly – who are you?

My name is Tito Titov and I am the CEO of WeiDex – Blockchain agnostic DApp ecosystem for exchanges. Blockchain enthusiast, open source lover, cypherpunk and public speaker. The famous quote that best describes me is “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious”.

Why did you decide to join the speaker’s lineup of LibertyBits conference?

I decided to join the conference, because your manifesto, main topics and ideas of LibertyBits are very close to my heart. I believe that blockchain, privacy, free software and independent living are important for all of us especially in this digital world. Most of our data, biometrics and personal information is in the hands of the big players and we should rely on their goodwill. All these issues lead to one solution – decentralization.

What is your understanding of “liberty” (freedom) and what are the most underestimated threats to our modern society?

In my point of view, freedom is to do what you want, whenever you want without offending the human rights of the others. This includes to have full control over your funds, your personal data, your inventions, your relations and to share them only when you want to!

Nowadays we share all the data we have and most of the times we do not even realize it. There is not transparency and openness, everything we see is a well packed beautiful cover of the social networks. I think that is answering the second part of the question.

What is the most fascinating or inspiring thing about blockchain for you?

I see blockchain as a revolutionary technology. It brings decentralization, security, privacy, transparency, immutable open source programming logic that could act as a contract, fast and cheap transfers of value and information. It is not only technical revolution, but ideological one. Blockchain comes with a colorful world of opportunities. We could organize transparent voting, escrow systems, open markets and a brand new internet of value.

What could be the biggest benefit from the blockchain technology for us as a society?

Blockchain might help us fix the status-quo of the broken internet. Most of our data nowadays could be exposed, because it is stored on centralized servers. A lot of personal data circulate in the WEB in plain and unencrypted form. Most of our email communication and messages could be read by the server administrators. Our money is stored in different web based systems, which are hacked every day and our accounts are suspended. The original idea of internet was to transfer data via different protocols in cryptographically secured manner and to have built-in payments on protocol level. Now, payments and our data are in the hands of big private companies, but the blockchain could fix all these problems via its core features.

What are your expectations from the conference?

I expect to meet new open-minded people, to inspire and to be inspired by the participants in the conference. I want to see interesting topics and good discussions. I hope that in the end of LibertyBits we will have at least one new supporter of blockchain, privacy, free software and independent living, one new Liberty Bit!

Thank you very much, Tito! You demonstrate a truly profound knowledge of blockchain and a great vision about its future. We just love your statement that “blockchain could fix the status-quo of the broken Internet”.

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