Sevgin Mustafov – 2019 Speaker’s Showcase

Next in the spotlight is a young man with remarkable experience in blockchain technology and software engineering: Sevgin Mustafov, co-founder and CEO at GlobalizeIT, a company specializing in blockchain, fintech & web software solutions for start-ups and corporate clients.

Sevgin is an entrepreneur, software engineer and blockchain developer with strong business development, management and communication skills. He is one of the main people behind the first Blockchain Dev Camp in Sofia, Bulgaria where he has contributed as content creator, technical trainer and educational assistant. Sevgin has further a solid experience in the marketing and sales industries as a Marketing Lead at Global Academy Place – an online academy for trading and sales. He is also member of MENSA, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world.

Sevgin took a minute to answer our questions especially for our fans and guests.

Hello Sevgin! Tell us a bit about yourself please!

Sevgin Mustafov – CEO of GlobalizeIT

I am Sevgin Mustafov, a blockchain developer and Chief Executive Officer at GlobalizeIT – a software development company with main focus on blockchain and fintech development and consulting. For the past year I have worked on various blockchain related projects at GlobalizeIT, so I have seen lots of use cases of the blockchain technology. Our mission is to help companies to achieve the full potential of the digital world and take their business to the next level. The best time to be alive is NOW so I hope everyone creates something that will change the world with this disruptive technology – blockchain!

Why did you decide to join the speaker’s lineup of LibertyBits conference?

I like the general idea of the conference and think that the conference has the right message and it will be a great opportunity to further the community’s understanding of the potential and usage of blockchain technology. I believe the blockchain industry and the trend towards decentralization will grow many times in the next few years and will change lots of industries.

What is your understanding of “liberty” (freedom) and what are the most underestimated threats to our modern society?

We can say that the Liberty is the right not to be controlled and the Blockchain technology is the perfect representation of it. As the most underestimated threat of our modern society I think is the opposite of the main concept of the blockchain – the centralization.

What is the most fascinating or inspiring thing about blockchain for you?

This is a really tough question. I think that there isn’t just one answer. Almost everyone can agree that blockchain is one of the most interesting and disruptive forces to come along in quite some time. But if I have to say one thing it is that it is changing the world, just like the Internet did.

What could be the biggest benefit from the blockchain technology for us as a society?

I think the potential of blockchain is tremendous. The basic advantages of Blockchain technology are decentralization, immutability, security, and transparency. Blockchain gives an opportunity to radically transform the way we do things by providing a standard architecture to address different business and organisational problems. Practically, the technology has the potential to revolutionize entire industries.

What are your expectations from the conference?

Learn, hear about new perspectives and exciting things. I also hope to engage with innovative, like-minded people, share knowledge and ideas and get motivated to contribute further to the growing blockchain society.

Thank you very much, Sevgin! We are happy to learn that according to Sevgin LibertyBits delivers the right message just as we think that he is the right speaker to help us with that. If you are eager to listen to him explain in detail why and how blockchain is revolutionizing industries and eventually the world, don’t forget to buy your ticket while we still have some. You can do it right away here below.

#LibertyBits2019 is taking place on 25th June 2019 at Sofia Tech Park

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