Asen Kovachev

asen_kovachev_840x840Asen Kovachev

Blockchain Speaker

Asen Kovachev is a visionary and founder of the Automaton project; a peer-to-peer network for scalable, standardized protocols. Asen believes permissionless innovation in the blockchain space will challenge the centralized status quo and is critical in restoring the liberty of individuals to own and utilize their information. He started writing code at the age of nine and has been fascinated with computer science algorithms ever since. Asen has worked on high profile video games at Treyarch, Activision, Vivendi Games and Sierra. After five years at Google, Asen left a cushy job to focus on research and innovation in distributed networks and computing.

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Talk Title:

“Automaton: Beyond the Blockchain”

Talk Summary

  • The Blockchain Hype: Let’s review some real problems
  • Beyond the Blockchain: Decentralization comes in many shapes
  • Automaton Smart Protocols: The need for P2P protocol formal specifications

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