Martin Kuvandzhiev

Martin Kuvandzhiev

Core developer @ Bitcoin Gold | Blockchain Speaker/Advocate

2018 Talk Title: “Cryptocurrencies vs Fiat currencies”
2019 Talk Title: TBA

Martin Kuvandzhiev is an European entrepreneur with vast experience in Startups, Fintech and Blockchain. His becomes professionally engaged with Software Development on the age of 18 working for an American startup while studying in Technical University of Sofia. At the age of 19 becomes lead Firmware developer in the same company and this paves the way of him becoming proficient team leader. In 2015 at the age of 21 he and his team won NASA’s Space Apps Challenge with a project called Valkyrie they compete with more than 21000 of the best STEM professionals from all over the world. For this achievement he and his team got special invites to visit NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. In 2016 he starts working as iOS Development Lead in a Fintech startup in Europe and in 2017 he got engaged with Bitcoin Gold as he is one of the main contributors for the project in GitHub. He is one of the 6 Co-Founders of the project and one of the 5 Board members.  In 2018 he traveled more than 280 000 kilometers around the globe to educate people about blockchain technology and how to use cryptocurrency in the daily routine. As of this moment Martin is CEO of two companies – GoStartups and Assetify and leads more than 50 professionals on 6 different continents. 
For Martin, working hard to reach perfection is the key for success. The rest is just being on the right place at the right time.

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Talk Title & Summary

“Cryptocurrencies vs Fiat currencies”

Why the banks and the government are not happy about it?

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Talk Title & Summary


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