Speaker’s Showcase: 6 Q&A with Ivan Vankov

We are only two months away from the first of its kind tech conference in Bulgaria LibertyBits. Time really flies and we are eager to share so much more with you. The number of speakers is growing and we thought that you would be interested to find out more about them. Therefore, we are launching an introduction campaign of our speakers and we are happy to start with Ivan Vankov this week. Following is a short interview with him providing some insights on his profile and motivation to take part in our initiative:

Who are you?

I am a principal blockchain architect specialized in blockchain solutions for business with a very diverse background including cryptography, security, machine learning and a lot of back-end development. Recently I became an IBM Champion for 2018 for my contributions in blockchain technologies.

Well, that is impressive! Why did you decide to join the speakers’ list of LibertyBits conference?

Because it is LibertyBits and can share my honest opinion with all. Also to explain in more details that blockchain is not only cryptocurrencies and that it has big benefits for real business.

OK! What is your understanding of “liberty” (freedom) and what are the most underestimated threats to our modern society?

Liberty is the ability to try because you want. The most underestimated threat is business consolidation and centralization. This is killing innovation and development of many new ideas.

What is the most fascinating / inspiring thing about blockchain for you?

Blockchain will create a new type of interactions between business and people, and more importantly between people and people.

Yes, we are sure about that as well! What could be the biggest benefit from the blockchain technology for us as a society?

It is the removal of the middleman and creating a common field for dynamic interactions. This will slow down the consolidation of business.

What are your expectations for this conference?

A lot of smart people with critical thinking ability to explain to me where I am wrong.

Thank you very much for your time, Ivan! Pretty impressive, isn’t it? Stay tuned for more interviews and other updates at LibertyBits!

Take the chance and reserve your seat A.S.A.P. for the second edition of LibertyBits Conference here:

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