LibertyBits: It's about our freedom.

The First Liberty Conference dedicated to Blockchain, Privacy, Free Software and The independent Way of Life.


Save the date: April 27th, 2019


Venue: Sofia Tech Park in Sofia, Bulgaria


Meet hands-on experts in the following subjects:

>> Blockchain projects (independent advocates, blockchaion developers & project managers, cryptocurrency and non-financial projects and applications)

>> Privacy (Independent advocates and experts from the IT security environment)

>> Free Software (How safe is our data using proprietary software and what other threats we may face neglecting the topic?)

>> Indepent Living (companies producing passive house appliances, renewable energy sources and delivering services as an alternative to the common energy suppliers in order to decrease our actual dependencies)


Short video summary of LibertyBits in 2018:


You can see the pictures from the first edition of LibertyBits in 2018 here

at Sell Compare


…and experience the playlist of all full talks here.


We will start to announce our speakers as soon as possible and would like to welcome you to Sofia, Bulgaria!



For more details, please check back here again any time soon!


Stay in touch with us on: event[at]libertybits[dot]org
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