All Speaker

Alex Sander

EU Public Policy Program Manager for the FSFE | Free Software Advocate & Speaker

Anna Pelova

A Digital Nomad | An Independent Living Speaker

Anton Gerunov

COO at LogSentinel | Blockchain & Privacy Speaker

Asen Kovachev

Founder of Automaton | A Decentralist & Blockchain Speaker

Bernd Fix

A Hacker Veteran & Privacy Activist

Blagovest Belev

Founder of Blockchain.bg | Blockchain Advocate & Investor

David Bonev

Co-founder & CFO of CURES & Co-founder of BoneX | Blockchain Speaker | Serial Entrepreneur

Galia Mancheva

Project Manager @ FSFE | Free Software Advocate & Speaker

Hernâni Marques

Council Member p≡p foundation | Privacy Advocate & Activist

Jos Poortvliet

Head of Marketing @ NextCloud | Privacy Advocate and Speaker

Liz Steininger

CEO/MD of Least Authority | Privacy Advocate & Activist

Luca De Giglio

Founder of Trips Community | Blockchain & Travel Expert | A Digital Nomad

Nedko Yankov

COO of Sferata123 (dome houses) | Independent Living Speaker

Nikola Tchouparov

Co-founder & CEO of Moneyfold | Blockchain Speaker & Main Host 2018/2019

Richard Stallman

President of The Free Software Foundation | Free Software Activist & Speaker