Dimiter Shalvardjiev – 2019 Speaker’s Showcase

Dimiter Shalvardjiev, MD of Code Runners

Next in our “Hall of Speakers” 2019 is the Privacy advocate, Dimiter Shalvardjiev, Managing Director of Code Runners. He is a leader, architect and consultant for several global projects in advanced data analytics. Dimitar has a project portfolio across three industries: Marketing, Healthcare, Information Security. Data Ethics researcher (PhD candidate) and an evangelist of fair digital competition and the single market, Dimiter’s experience also includes the roles of a penetration tester, compliance officer (ISO 27001, SOX, PCI/DSS) and CISO, before starting his own software consultancy in 2012.

Here is what he has to share with our LibertyBits readers:

Please introduce yourself briefly in a way you would like to be known in regard to the conference?

Hello there! My name is Dimiter Shalvardjiev and I have a background in information security and software design and fulfillment. I am currently managing a software company – Code Runners – and researching technical aspects of data ethics and privacy.

Why did you decide to join the speaker’s lineup of LibertyBits conference?

Digital liberties are currently in jeopardy, and it would take a concerted effort to put things back on track. An open, honest discussion is the first step in the journey.

What is your understanding of “liberty” (freedom) and what are the most underestimated threats to our modern society?

Everyone should define “liberty” for himself. To me, freedom is a fundamental right – one we should fight for and strive towards every day. The digital transformation that we experience today offers a multitude of threats to our freedom – starting from the monopolies in knowledge (Google), commercial preference (Amazon), interests and social circles (Twitter / Facebook) and leisure (Apple, Netflix).

What would you say to everyone who thinks that keeping privacy is irrelevant for them because they have nothing to hide?

How would you like some company in your dressing room / toilet / bed?

What is the easiest way to protect our privacy if we are not so tech-savvy people?

Stay off technology. The second easiest is to actually learn. Protecting your privacy is not a single activity, but an ongoing process of learning, finding and solving challenges.

What are your expectations from the conference?

To learn from others and share my experience.

Thank you very much, Dimiter! According to Dimiter privacy is a large topic in the wake of Industry 4.0 and a threat to users’ liberties and fundamental rights. Should we ask for more regulation? And what should we do about the large digital monopolies? With his valuable help we will be looking for answers to these and other related questions at LibertyBits 2019.

#LibertyBits2019 is taking place on 25th June 2019 at Sofia Tech Park

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