Nedko Yankov – 2019 Speaker’s Showcase

We received many requests from our fans to continue the tradition with the interviews with our speakers. Your wish is our command so today is our first interview this year.

We are launching our interview series with a speaker from our Independent Living track: Nedko Yankov, Partner and Chief Operation Officer at Sferata123, Dome Houses.

Nedko is a young entrepreneur, visionary idealist with interests in many areas. He lives with the belief that everyone has the ability to follow his own path. Without fear, worries and uncertainty everybody can realize his higher potential. His career started in the digital world as a partner in a marketing agency in 2014. A year later he co-founded an e-commerce business following the mission of а freelance model for every process that can be done that way. In parallel with this he became a partner and business development manager of Sferata123, which turns into his most powerful passion nowadays. The company is paving the way for an overall concept of alternative, eco, energy efficient, independent, close to nature way of living by constructing sustainable wooden dome houses with many eco-tech solutions in them.

We asked Nedko a few questions. Find out what he has to say:

Who are you?

Nedko Yankov, COO Sferata123

Well, I don’t like to speak a lot about me, but I can say, that I am absolutely inspired in all my actions by the title – living independently in a harmony with nature. When I say nature I see humans as the consciousness manifestation of nature and thinking what are the conditions for them to realize their higher potential.

Why did you decide to join the speaker’s lineup of LibertyBits conference?

The main reason is that I am a big fan of the conference. I really appreciate the society that it unites and I get inspired when I see people with awaken consciousness making things happen. I believe, that the current project, I am working on, suites perfectly. It is about design and construction of energy efficient, eco, harmonized, wooden dome houses. My wish is to spread the word of how different shapes and materials can affect human perception of the world.

What is your understanding of “liberty” (freedom) and what are the most underestimated threats to our modern society?

Liberty – I can say a word to live for. The meaning that I put in this word is freedom on all levels (physical, emotional, energetic and mental). I think that the most underestimated threats are those which are under the surface, just because they are usually not on the agenda. I am a big fan of the holistic model as an instrument for solving problems. This model follows the logic, that if you want to solve a problem, you should find its manifestations on every level and start from the root. So, where is the root? I say, it is deeply in us.

What is the most fascinating or inspiring thing about the independent living?

To live it!

What risks should a person take into consideration to be able to live independently?

I wouldn’t say risks, but points to think about – what does the person want to do with his/her life. How can he/she achieve it independently and what will change? Is he/she ready to change it?

What are your expectations of the conference?

To meet great, open-minded people with vision for better future and to find out how can we be useful each other for making our dreams come true.

Many thanks, Nedko! A truly wise young man we’ve got here! We are optimistic about the future with such open-minded and knowledge seeking people on our side. At the conference Nedko will share his insights on “Living independently in harmony with nature. Future homes.” You don’t want to miss it!

#LibertyBits2019 * 25th June 2019 * Sofia Tech Park

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