Vasil St. Dabov

Vasil St. Dabov

Blockchain Advisor | Co-Host of LibertyBits 2019

Co-Host of LibertyBits 2019

Vasil is a Blockchain Advisor since 2017.

He is among the veterans of Bulgarian IT sector. Vasil is a co-founder and Vice President of ACT Group since 1989 until 2000. He is the man who signed the first agreement for distribution of Microsoft products in Bulgaria in 1993.

Vasil has been sowing/planting/selling/studying (thousands of) Ginkgo biloba plants since 2004.

His areas of interest and competence include mathematics, computer science, cybernetics, psychology, ecology.

Vasil is focused on the possibilities to use 3Gen Blockchains for reorganizing human civilization to become Sustainably Functioning SuperHolon.

He will co-host the 2nd edition of LibertyBits in 2019.

Get in touch with him

Email: vdabov@gmail.com

Take the chance and reserve your seat A.S.A.P. for the second edition of LibertyBits Conference here: