Sevgin Mustafov

Sevgin Mustafov

CEO of GlobalizeIT | Blockchain Advocate

Talk Title:
How to implement blockchain?

Sevgin Mustafov is Co-founder and CEO of GlobalizeIT – Blockchain, FinTech & Web Software solutions for startups and corporate clients.
Sevgin is an entrepreneur, software engineer and blockchain developer with strong business development, management and communication skills. He is one of the main people behind the first Blockchain Dev Camp in Sofia, Bulgaria where he was content creator, technical trainer and educational assistant. 
Beside the technology industry Sevgin also has lots of experience in the marketing and sales industries as he is Marketing Lead at Global Academy Place – online academy for trading and sales. He is member of MENSA – the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world.

Talk Title & Summary

How to implement blockchain?

If you are still wondering about blockchain making the right fit for your business needs, this lecture will answer your question. It will explain the key steps you need to take for implementing blockchain where it suits your business.

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